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Chair: Laura Clark Brown (UNC)
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The Evaluation Working Group will provide updates and reports to the CCC Steering Committee.

Charge: In year one, the Evaluation Working Group for "Content, Context, and Capacity: A Collaborative Digitization Project on the Long Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina" (CCC) together with the CCC Steering Committee will determine quantitative assessment needs. The group will then establish procedures, standards, and templates for collecting and reporting production output, presentation data, and use statistics; and will regularly measure progress of these activities. Beginning in year two, the group will add members with expertise in qualitative assessment, draft a comprehensive plan and timeline for use studies of the TRLN delivery interface, and collaborate with faculty and students from NCCU's library science and public history departments to develop scripts for user studies to assess CCC's impact on target audiences. Reporting to the CCC Steering Committee, the Evaluation Working Group is comprised of staff members from the university libraries with expertise in quantitative and qualitative evaluation.



Sean Aery, Duke
Laura Clark Brown
Lauren Menges, TRLN
Jason Ronallo, NCSU
Andre Vann, NCCU
Kim Vassiliadis, UNC


This group begins with a focus on quantitative data and production/workflow assessment in year one. Membership reflects quantitative data expertise. In year two, additional staff with user study/qualitative assessment expertise would be added to the group, including Andre D. Vann of NCCU.


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