TRLN Endeca Implementation

Scope of project
During the fall of 2006, the TRLN Governing Board approved a new initiative called Digital TRLN, a unique opportunity to lead in the creation of innovative digital collections and services for the twenty-first century. TRLN's new direction will include several areas of emphasis: One of the Digital TRLN initiatives is "Search TRLN," the goal of which is:

To provide interactive user services and new tools to search TRLN: We will explore using Endeca's "faceted browsing" software across all TRLN collections to provide a seamless search and request environment for faculty and students on each campus.

Timeline Team Members

Phase 1: June 2007 - first quarter 2008

Phase 1 Goals
3/25/08: It's Alive!

Phase 2: Beginning in first quarter 2008

What is faceted browsing?


Examples: NCSU | FCLA

FAQ's coming soon

Steering Committee

Task Groups:
Data & Indexing | User Interface
Document Delivery | Usability


Endeca Professional Services
Role: assist and advise the project team during the design and implementation of the Endeca software to meet TRLN Goals.

Role: provide dedicated hosting support for the servers that house the TRLN Endeca instance.

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