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2018 TRLN Management Academy Participants

The task of deliberating between so many outstanding applications for a limited number of participant spots is always a difficult one for the TRLN Management Academy Selection Committee, and this year proved no exception!

After a close review, the committee was pleased to invite the following talented library professionals to form the class of 2018:

Francesca Allegri, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Steven Baumgart, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kevin Beswick, North Carolina State University

Mara Blake, Johns Hopkins University

Emily Campbell, University of Michigan

Sarah Cantrell, Duke University

Laura Capell, University of Miami

Lindsay Cronk, University of Rochester

Vernice Faison, North Carolina Central University

Elena Feinstein, Duke University

Ivey Glendon, University of Virginia

Harriett Green, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Wanda Gunther, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Lori Harris, University of Cincinnati

Deidra Herring, The Ohio State University

Thea Lindquist, University of Colorado-Boulder

Lisa Martin, University of Houston

Virginia Martin, Duke University

Laura Morales, College of William & Mary

Ashley Morrison, North Carolina State University

Hafsa Murad, North Carolina Central University

Karen Newbery, Duke University

Elizabeth Ott, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Ericka Raber, University of Iowa

Joseph Ryan, University of Colorado-Denver

Abby Scheel, Florida State University

Sarah Schmidt, Duke University

Weatherly Stephan, New York University Libraries

Gwyneth Thayer, North Carolina State University

Carissa Tomlinson, Towson University

Greg Tourino, North Carolina State University

Mitzi Townes, North Carolina Central University

Alice Whiteside, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Lynn Whittenberger, North Carolina State University

Explore this interactive map to discover all the institutions invited to participate in this signature TRLN program: