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About the Committee:
Chair: Kurt Blythe, UNC

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Single Copy Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
CPRP Operations

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March 1, 2017 | Minutes

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Single Copy Task Group (2006-2008)

TRLN Staff Contact:
Lisa Croucher, Executive Director

The Single Copy Operations Committee became the Collaborative Print Retention Committee in 2011, and will provide updates and reports to the Collections Council.

Charge: This Committee will coordinate the processing of titles into the TRLN Collaborative Print Retention Program–an ongoing service for TRLN libraries. Working under the direction of the TRLN Collections Council, the Retention Committee is comprised of technical and physical processing staff. The Committee coordinates the following workflow:

  • Conducts inventory of contributing library’s holdings for each title and reports gaps
  • Updates holdings records of contributing library to indicated commitment to Collaborative Print Retention
  • Determines if and which partner libraries can fill gaps and indicates on holdings inventory–updates holdings records to indicate commitment to Collaborative Print Retention
  • Processes volumes by updating bib and item records according to campus procedures
  • Moves volumes to new location (if appropriate)
  • Reports completed titles and new holdings locations

Judith Bailey, Duke
Angela Bardeen, UNC
Kurt Blythe, Chair, UNC
Sean Chen, Duke Law
Emma Cryer Heet, Duke MCL
Debbie Currie, NCSU
Jesse Griffin, UNC Law
Linda McCormick, Duke Ford
Dee Stuckey, UNC HSL

TRLN staff liaison: Lisa Croucher