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October 31, 2017 | Minutes
June 27, 2017 | Minutes
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February 12, 2016 | Minutes

Task Groups:

TRLN Staff Contact:
Lisa Croucher, Executive Director

Coordinates TRLN activities related to cooperative collection development and to creating innovative digital collections. Provides opportunities for discussions of issues relating to collections and scholarly communication activities. Oversees the licensing activities of the Electronic Resources Committee. Recommends the formation of task or project groups as needed.

The group will have general oversight over our existing and successful cooperative collection development activities and will look for ways to advance those activities as necessary. The Collections Council will facilities information sharing and involvement of the subject specialists, virtually and in small and large group meetings. The Collections Council will provide opportunities for discussion and exploration of issues relating to digital collections, publishing models, and scholarly communication.

About the Membership:
The associate university librarians for collections (or their equivalent) from the four university libraries, a representative each from the medical, law and business libraries, a representative from collections management, special collections, scholarly communications, and the chair of the Electronic Resources Council. The Collections Council will be supported by a member of the central TRLN staff. Representatives from the professional schools, collections management, special collections, and scholarly will be appointed for a two-year term and will communicate relevant information to their counterparts at the other TRLN institutions.

Steering Committee:
AULs will form the Steering Committee and will set the agenda for the meetings of the council and will mediate issues arising outside of regularly scheduled meetings.

Eli Brown, NCSU (Special Collections, 12/31/2017)
Bob Byrd, Duke**
Danielle Colbert-Lewis, NCCU**
Will Cross, NCSU (Scholarly Communications)
Lisa Croucher (Ex-officio member, TRLN Executive Director)
Christie Degener, UNC HSL (Health/Medicine, 12/31/17)
David Goldsmith, Chair (12/31/2019), NCSU**
Megan Kilb, UNC (ERC Chair)
Jeff Kosokoff, Duke (Collections, 12/31/18)
Nichelle Perry, NCCU Law (Law, 12/31/18)
Luke Swindler, UNC**
Meg Trauner, Duke Ford (Business, 12/31/17)
**Steering Committee Member

TRLN staff liaison: Lisa Croucher